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Three years at Xavier's. It figures this would be the week when all the crazy bullshit happens.

It's time

May. 28th, 2017 01:16 pm
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That one nice thing I do a year - that LGBT prom - is coming around again. A bit later than years past, because with everything going on in the world, the organizers wanted to tie it to Pride month. Which I get, even though it

Anyway looking for volunteers to help chaperone a prom/pride party for queer teenagers who don't have spaces for such things. The thing is June 8. Must be over 18, can't be a raging alcoholic, don't need to be LGBT.

And no, Namor, no grand gestures or promposals this year. I wasted my one good idea on you last year. (But I am a promposal genius, and I can't believe none of you minors asked for help on this.)
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Oh thank God, spring has sprung. The flowers have started to bloom. The teens have picked up their skateboards. The runners have removed the shirts.

Honestly, I've only really noticed that last thing. But what a season.
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Did you know that red wine and hot chocolate is a thing? Because I knew that red wine and hot chocolate was a thing. And now I really know it.
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Lo, I have returned from my latest adventure, after mysterious and massive flight delays that I can only assume are somehow tied to this place and its exploits.

It turns out that my powers and jet lag make for an interesting mix, and that Grindr overseas is kind of crazy.

Anyway, missed you all, yada yada. What'd I miss?
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The worst part about New Year's resolutions: Once everyone decides to start smoking again, they're always trying to bum my cigarettes.

Don't resolve to do anything, kids.
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I mean, I was planning to get hammered and listen to Freedom '90 anyway, so...

Pro tip

Dec. 20th, 2016 07:48 pm
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Be careful when you fall asleep on the Metro-North. It turns out that conductors don't always wake you up, and then you end up back at Grand Central, like, two hours later or whatever. And then you just take a cab home, which you probably should have done in the first place.

Or so I've heard.
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To whoever put the mistletoe up above the door to the gym: You're a nasty, nasty fool.

(But it's not like I moved it.)
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starting to make plans for Black Friday. pretty easy to grab those until-they-run-out deals when you're me. nice workout too.
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Not to be all accuse-y, but is someone stealing my clothes from the dryer or something? I swear I'm missing some shirts and socks and underwear. And I haven't been leaving them anywhere lately. I don't think.

If you created any dryer gremlins, now's the time to come clean.
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Well, Halloween weekend is in like 4 days, and the costume I ordered isn't coming, so now I have to get creative.

Never buy anything online from places that aren't Amazon.
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Yankees Stadium is kinda sterile and corporate, but I forgot how much I loved baseball.
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S'moretinis attempt 1:


Do not say I am an uncreative bartender. Especially given that I can do in 2 minutes what would take a normal person 10.
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I need taste testers over 21. Trying to experiment with some liquor before the bash. Reasonable ability to hold one's liquor required.

I'll take a teen or two for a mocktail too.
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Well. It has been too quiet this summer, and so I have decided to throw an end-of-summer party. It's on the 16th. Save the date.

I will be your mixologist for the evening, which means pitchers of cocktails and mocktails, since I am trying to get better at fancier bartending so I can maybe make more money. Also, I learned how to make a s'more-tini so there's that.

Otherwise, I am following the guidelines of a kind-of-Texas-tradition-that-may-have-killed-people-in-1999, in that I called in some favors and am putting a firepit in the backyard. And there'll be cornhole for everyone, and maybe we can set up beer pong for the adults. Think kid-friendly backyard college frat party meets Texas pep rally.

So, yeah. Party on the 16th. Someone volunteer to barbecue.
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If there are 5 stages of Pride, I am definitely at the one between daydrinking and glitter.

(Remember kids: Drinking's not cool unless you're doing it to push back decades of oppression.)
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Another Father's Day. Another round of "daddy or sugar daddy?"
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God bless Fleet Week.
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Looking for volunteers to help chaperone that one nice thing I do: The LGBT center's prom for queer kids who don't fell like they can be themselves at their high school proms.

Need to be over 18, can't be drunk, don't need to be LGBT.
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